Omni3D Factory 2.0 Production System overview

The Omni3D Factory 2.0 Production System is an industrial 3D printer made by Omni3D, a manufacturer of FFF 3D printers from Poland.

This 3D printer is compatible with materials such as ABS-42, ASA-39, HIPS-20, Nylon and more.

Omni3D Factory 2.0 main features

  • Large build volume: this 3D printer offers a large build volume of 500 x 500 x 500 mm.
  • Closed, heated chamber: the Factory 2.0’s build area can maintain a constant temperature of up to 70°C.
  • High-temperature extruder and print bed: the dual extruders can reach temperatures of up to 500°C (option), while the print bed can reach up to 130°C.
  • 7-inch touchscreen: offers more control over the 3D printing process.

An interesting feature of the Factory 2.0 Production System is its ability to tilt its print bed on 3D axis for auto-leveling. Also, this additive manufacturing system uses special spindle drives instead of timing synchronous timing belts.

Omni3D Factory 2.0 price

Contact the manufacturer to obtain a quote for this 3D printer.