Photocentric Liquid Crystal HR (High-Res) overview

The Photocentric Liquid Crystal High-Res (HR) is a desktop 3D printer made by Photocentric. Photocentric is a resin manufacturer based in the UK and the US. This 3D printer is also known as the Photocentric LC HR and provides high-resolution 3D printing.

A newer version of this 3D printer exists: Photocentric Liquid Crystal High-Res 2.

The Photocentric Liquid Crystal HR is based on a proprietary technology called DPP (Daylight Polymer Printing), similar to DLP (Digital Light Processing). A proprietary liquid resin (Daylight Photopolymer or Daylight resin from Photocentric) is selectively cured layer after layer to build a 3D part. It takes between 23 and 55 seconds to solidify one layer when using the 100 micron resolution setting.

This 3D printer offers a build volume of 196 x 147 x 250 mm, which is relatively large for a desktop resin 3D printer.

Photocentric also manufactures the Liquid Crystal Pro and the Liquid Crystal Precision.

Photocentric Liquid Crystal High-Res main features

  • High-resolution LCD screen: the 9.7-inch LCD screen used to solidify the resin offers a high resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels.
  • XY resolution: Photocentric’s Liquid Crystal HR offers a great resolution of 96 microns, or 0,096 mm.
  • Touchscreen: the LCHR offers a friendly user interface with its 7-inch color touchscreen.
  • Software: this resin 3D printer requires Creation Workshop software, compatible with Windows. A free, one-year software license is provided with this 3D printer.

A dedicated part-washing unit– Photocentric Wash– and liquid resin cleaner are also available separately. The Photocentric Wash unit is able to easily clean parts in a few minutes.

Photocentric LCHR price

The manufacturer price of the LCHR is £1,599. A 1kg Daylight resin bundle is available for an additional £45. Photocentric also manufactures UV resins.