Raise3D N2 Plus Dual overview

The Raise3D N2 Plus Dual is a large format 3D printer made by Raise3D, a company based in the United States. Raise also has offices in Shanghai (China) where they manufacture their 3D printers. This 3D printer, offering a large build volume, was first first introduced at the CES 2016 in Las Vegas.

Raise3D now manufactures the Raise3D Pro2 Plus.

This desktop 3D printer won the award for Best Overall Runner Up 3D printer in the Make 2017 3D printer guide, confirming that the N2 Plus is among the best large volume 3D printers on the market.

Raise3D N2 Plus Dual features

The Raise3D N2 Plus Dual offers some interesting features:

  • A closed frame to control the ambient temperature and better 3D prints.
  • A large build volume of 305 x 305 x 610 mm to 3D print large size objects
  • A dual extruder to 3D print in bi-colors or with solvable supports.
  • A wifi connection to keep cables away!
  • A large 7″ color touchscreen to adjust easily the 3D printer settings.
  • The ability to 3D print a large variety of filaments and materials: with its heated print bed and high temperature nozzle (up to 300C°), the Raise3D N2 Plus Dual can 3D print a wide range of 3D filaments: ABS, PLA, HIPS, PC, PVA, PETG…

Raise3D N2 Plus Dual price

This 3D printer has been discontinued.