Roboze One+400 Xtreme overview

The Roboze One+400 Xtreme is a professional PEEK 3D printer made by Roboze, an Italian manufacturer specialized in high-temperature 3D printers for professionals.

This desktop PEEK 3D printer suits a variety of industries such as automotive, aerospace, and oil and gas. In order to 3D print PEEK and PEI materials, the One+400 Xtreme’s extruder heats up to 500°C.  This additive manufacturing machine is also able to print Carbon PEEK and PEEK reinforced carbon fibers.

Roboze’s aim is to provide affordable yet high-quality 3D printing hardware and materials to small and medium-sized businesses.

One+400 Xtreme main features

  • Closed-loop quality control: ensures accurate, high-quality 3D prints.
  • Beltless rack: Roboze 3D printers use gears instead of belts in order to improve repeatability as well as hardware durability.
  • Vacuum build plate sytem: allows for optimal adhesion and eliminates the need for build platform calibration.
  • High-performance materials: Roboze develops a range of quality materials for professional engineering applications. These include Carbon PA, Glass PA, PP, Carbon PP, PEEK and Carbon PEEK.
  • Electronics control: the Xtreme series offers advanced encoders, able to provide immediate feedback on movement tolerance and correcting errors automatically thus allowing a lower risk of printing failure.
  • Support System Cabinet: the One+400 Xtreme comes with a support cabinet which provides a dedicated, temperature-controlled storage space for spools of filaments, in order to preserve them from atmospheric agents.

Roboze One+400 Xtreme price

The One+ Xtreme is available at around €70,000 (the price in USD is still to be determined). Please contact the manufacturer to obtain a precise quote for this office-friendly high-performance 3D printer.

Roboze also manufactures the Roboze One Xtreme for less demanding materials than PEEK (300°C extruder). Discover more 3D printers with our 3D printer comparison engine.