The ROKIT INVIVO is a hybrid 3D bioprinter made by ROKIT, a manufacturer from South Korea. The INVIVO is suitable for biomedical applications.

This 3D bioprinter is compatible with a wide range of materials for biofabrication. These include proprietary biopolymer filaments, hydrogels, and photo-curable bio-ink (or “bioink”).

INVIVO biofabrication print heads

  • FDA-approved extruder: to 3D print with ROKIT’s proprietary filament.
  • Bio dispenser: for mechanical extrusion (0.008 to 0.2 mm nozzle diameters).
  • Pneumatic dispenser (optional): in order to use high-viscosity materials (0.1 to 0.5 mm nozzle diameters). This dispenser can heat up to 350°C.

INVIVO main features

  • Onboard camera: users can monitor their 3D prints from a distance.
  • Air filtration: the INVIVO features a HEPA filter, to reduce particle emissions.
  • Bio-ink warmer: this function preheats bio-ink to prepare for 3D prints.
  • UV LED and UV lamp: to solidify photo-curable materials and sterilize the environment.
  • Print bed temperature control (optional): the print bed is able to maintain specific temperatures, ranging from -4°C to 80°C.


Please contact the manufacturer to obtain a quote for this bio 3D printer.

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