Satori ST1600 overview

The ST1600 is a professional desktop 3D printer produced by Satori, a 3D printer manufacturer based in the United Kingdom. The Satori ST1600 uses resin as materials to produce prints in dental, jewelry, and engineering industries.

ST1600 main features

  • Designed for desktop use: compact footprint (30 x 31cm) and filtered exhaust
  • Its 192 x 120mm build platform can fit 7 aligners flat on its surface and print them in under an hour
  • Large 5″ touchscreen for control and print monitoring
  • 4K curing screen that exposes whole layers at once with 50 micron XY resolution and up to 10-micron layer thickness
  • Robust metal frame and linear rails that work in concert with specialized software and a range of premium resins which Satori claims gives their print an injection-molding level of quality.

Satori ST1600 price

The Satori ST1600 price is approximately $3,700.

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