SondaSys SL02 overview

The SL02 is an industrial powder 3D printer produced by SondaSys. SondaSys is a 3D printer manufacturer based in Poland. The SL02, released in 2019, is an updated version of the SL01, released in 2017.

It uses Selective Laser Sintering technology (SLS) to 3D print with nylon powder. Compatible polyamide materials include PA11, PA12, and PA6 upon request.

This industrial 3D printer offers two different build volumes (both included with printer):

  • 365 x 365 x 610 mm
  • and 265 x 265 x 310 mm.

Hence, professionals may switch between both volumes depending on specific production needs. The printer is equipped with a built-in Nitrogen generator and a liquid cooling system for the laser.

SondaSys SL02 price

The SL02 Nylon powder 3D printing system is available for around €230,000. This price includes the printing station, powder sieve, vacuum cleaner, sandblaster, and a powder starter set.

Please contact us to get a quote.

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