PancakeBot PancakeBot 2.0 overview

The PancakeBot PancakeBot 2.0 is a food 3D printer able to 3D print pancakes designed by Miguel Valenzuela, an inventor from Norway.

PancakeBot 2.0 3D printing technology

The PancakeBot 2.0 uses a special batter dispensing system, allowing to 3D print the liquid pancake batter onto the griddle. By using a combination of compressed air and a vacuum system, the PancakeBot controls where the batter is dispensed. Then, the heated griddle turn the batter into edible pancake.

PancakeBot 2.0 3D printing steps

Users must follow three steps to 3D print pancakes with the PancakeBot 2.0:

  • Firstly, users design their own pancake model with the PancakePainter, PancakeBot’s proprietary software.
  • Secondly, they insert their SD card with the loaded 3D model into the food 3D printer.
  • Then, they load the bottle-like extruder with pancake batter and can start the 3D print.

A cleaning process is also necessary at the end of the operation, for the extruder and the griddle.

PancakeBot PancakeBot 2.0 price

This pancake 3D printer is available at the manufacturer price of $299.

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