Structo Velox overview

The Structo Velox is a professional resin 3D printer made by Structo, a company based in Singapore.

This desktop 3D printer is ideal for the dental industry. Applications include prosthetics, orthotics, surgical guides, and more.

Velox all-in-one resin 3D printer

The Velox features an autonomous post-processing system. This system integrates and automates crucial steps to successful resin 3D prints:

  • part cleaning and drying
  • UV curing

This process relies on a rotating carousel. The Velox 3D prints an object in one vat, and then moves the object to the cleaning vat. After that, the object goes through UV curing.

Furthermore, this 3D printer uses resin cartridges. Users don’t need to manually insert and remove toxic resin.

Structo Velox price

Please contact the manufacturer to obtain a quote for this professional dental 3D printer.

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