TEVO Michelangelo overview

The TEVO Michelangelo is a budget desktop 3D printer made by TEVO, a manufacturer from Guangdong in China.

This manufacturer usually manufactures cheap 3D printer kits, including the TEVO Tornado, TEVO Black Widow and TEVO Tarantula. The Michelangelo is TEVO’s first pre-assembled desktop 3D printer.

In comparison with TEVO’s other 3D printers, the Michelangelo comes with a smaller build volume and without a heated print bed. Therefore, this desktop 3D printer is not able to print demanding materials such as ABS.

Michelangelo main features

  • Dual part-cooling fans: allows the 3D printer to 3D print lengthier or more complex parts without overheating.
  • Full aluminum frame: for more resistance and durability.
  • Swappable MK8 nozzle: users can switch between 0.2, 0.3 or 0.4 mm hot-ends.

TEVO Michelangelo price: affordable desktop 3D printer

The Michelangelo is available at the manufacturer price of €188 (see on Amazon).

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