Tractus3D T850P overview

The Tractus3D T850P is a large volume PEEK 3D printer made by Tractus3D, a manufacturer from the Netherlands.

This professional delta 3D printer is suitable for 3D printing high-performance polymers such as PEEK or PEI (ULTEM®). Indeed, it is equipped with a closed frame as well as a high-temperature extruder and print bed.

The T850P offers a build volume of 280 ø x 400 mm.

Tractus3D PEEK 3D printer T850P main features

  • High-temperature extruder: the T850P’s extruder can reach up to 450°C.
  • Heated print bed: this PEEK 3D printer’s print bed can heat up to 175°C.
  • Heated chamber: the build area heats up to 80°C.
  • Filament sensor: detects and warns users when filament is about to run out.
  • Touchscreen: for a more intuitive user experience.

Tractus3D T850P price

The T850P PEEK 3D printer for professionals is available at the manufacturer price of €12,900.

A smaller version of this high-temperature 3D printer exists, the Tractus3D T650P. Discover more PEEK 3D printers with our 3D printer comparison engine.