TRILAB DeltiQ overview

The DeltiQ is a professional delta 3D printer produced by TRILAB. TRILAB is a 3D printer manufacturer based in Czech Republic.

This professional 3D printer is available with different build sizes:

  • DeltiQ M: 250 ⌀ x 200 mm
  • DeltiQ L: 250 ⌀ x 300 mm
  • DeltiQ XL: 250 ⌀ x 500 mm

DeltiQ main features

  • E3D v6 all-metal hotend (300°C) and E3D Titan extruder
  • Evenly heated print bed (105°C) with PEI coating
  • Filament detection
  • Automatic calibration

Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity are available optionally.

TRILAB DeltiQ price

Please contact us to get a quote.

TRILAB also manufactures the DeltiQ 2 and DeltiQ 2 Plus. Discover and compare all professional 3D printers with our 3D printer comparison engine.