UnionTech PILOT SD overview

The UnionTech PILOT SD is a professional stereolithography 3D printer manufactured by UnionTech, formerly Union-tek. This manufacturer is originally from China, although it has headquarters in the US and Germany.

The CE-certified PILOT SD uses SLA technology, in which a powerful laser beam selectively solidifies a layer of resin. Objects appear layer after layer. Users can choose between high-resolution or standard laser beam modes.

PILOT SD main features

  • Minimum layer thickness: this 3D printer can generate very thin layers of 0.05 mm.
  • Closed-loop system: to regulate laser power, resin level, temperature and accuracy.
  • Remote control: enables users to control the PILOT SD from a distance.
  • Changeable vat: it is possible to replace the resin vat.

UnionTech PILOT SD price

Please contact us to obtain a free quote for this professional SLA 3D printer.

UnionTech also manufactures the RSPro450, the RSPro600 and the RSPro800.