Velleman K8600 Vertex Nano (Kit) overview

The Velleman K8600 Vertex Nano (Kit) is a small desktop 3D printer made by Velleman, a manufacturer headquartered in Belgium.

The Vertex Nano is a 3rd generation printer from the Velleman Projects division. The Velleman K8600 Vertex Nano (Kit) offers a small LCD screen and is delivered with a BuildTak covered 3D printing build platform. The Vertex Nano supports printing via USB and autonomously without a PC from the SD card.

The maximum nozzle operating temperature is 260°C (extruder located in the front of the 3D printer) or 245°C (extruder located in the back of the 3D printer).

Key features of the Velleman K8600 Vertex Nano (Kit) include the following:

  • Small size, big capabilities

The Vertex Nano is less than 250 mm tall and about 150 mm wide. With this compact footprint it can fit anywhere on a desk. This 3D printer is extremely light, with a weight of only 2.3 kg.

  • Magnetic build plate

The Velleman K8600 Vertex Nano (Kit) build plate is metallic and magnetically attaches to the bed holder. Once a 3D print is completed, you can easily detach it for removing easely the 3D printed object.

  • Bed leveling memory

The 3D print bed leveling settings can be saved in the Velleman K8600’s memory.

  • Low noise emissions

The Velleman K8600 Vertex Nano (Kit) has a low operating noise level of 45 dBA.

This 3D printer comes with the following software:

  • Firmware: Modified Open Source Marlin 3D Printer
  • Software: Repetier – CuraEngine – Slic3r (RepRap compatible)