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Home3D printing filaments 3D Fuel Algae-Fuel PLA 1.75mm
Basic specs Price: $ 75
Manufacturer 3D Fuel
Material PLA
Weight 1 kg
Material PLA
Print temperature 175 - 185
Heated build platform Not required
Color Green
Full specs

3D Fuel Algae-Fuel PLA 1.75mm review

The 3D Fuel Algae-Fuel PLA Filament is
 being produced from wild harvested algae and PLA. 3D Fuel boasts one of the most tightest specifications for ovality/ roundness on their 3D filaments. The 3D Fuel filaments are made in the USA.

The 3D Fuel Algae-Fuel PLA 1.75mm prints best at 175 – 185°C.

Here are the advantages of using algae?

– Algae is the fastest growing plant on earth.
– Algae absorbs pollution to grow.
– Adding algae to a biodegradable plastic, such as PLA, increases its biodegradability (Under the right conditions…).
– Algae is a non-food based source of raw material, unlike the base for most bioplastics.
– Using algae reduces dependency on nonrenewable oil (which most conventional plastics are made from).
– Algae is oftentimes an environmental nuisance and by utilizing it in their products, 3D Fuel can help provide cost consistency to this market which is dependent on fluctuating oil and food prices.

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