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3DF Zephyr 3Dflow

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Basic specs Price:
Manufacturer 3Dflow
Category Mobile app
Technology Photogrammetry
Output formats OBJ, PLY
Max. resolution
Release date
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3Dflow 3DF Zephyr review

3DF Zephyr is a 3D scanning desktop software developed by the Italian company 3Dflow. The 3Dflow 3DF Zephyr software uses photogrammetry to create 3D models out of 2D photos.

3DF Zephyr works with a high definition camera (which could be a smartphone camera) to capture photos of an object. The photogrammetry software then stitches the photos together to create a 3D mesh or model. The more photos are stitched together, the better the quality of a 3D scan.

3DF Zephyr main features

  • User-friendly interface: the software menu is easy-to-use with a convenient photo stream menu at the bottom.
  • Automatic process: no need for coding or manual editing when creating the final 3D scan.
  • Editing tools: the software allow users to edit their final result with various tools.

3DF Zephyr price

Different versions and prices are available:

  • Free version: features full 3D reconstruction, a 50-photo limit per 3D scan, basic exporting capabilities and a few editing tools.
  • Lite version ($149): features a limit of 500 photos/3D scan and additional editing tools.
  • Pro version ($3,200): provides full exporting capabilities, no image limit, more advanced editing tools and laser scan support.
  • Aerial version ($4,200): includes the same features as the pro version, in addition to GIS, CAD and Survey tools.


Model 3DF Zephyr
Manufacturer 3Dflow
Release date
Status Available
Category Mobile app
Technology Photogrammetry
Output formats OBJ, PLY
OS compatibility


Max. resolution
Max. accuracy
Acquisition speed
Camera resolution
Working range
Scanning area (near)
Scanning area (far)


Power input


Texture/Colors Yes
Wireless No
Tripod No
Rotating table No
Robotic arm No
3D printers No
Built-in screen No


Wifi No
Bluetooth No
SD card No
Ethernet No