3DF Zephyr is a 3D scanning desktop software developed by the Italian company 3Dflow. The 3Dflow 3DF Zephyr software uses photogrammetry to create 3D models out of 2D photos. 3DF Zephyr works with a high definition camera (which could be a smartphone camera) to capture photos of an object. The photogrammetry software then stitches the photos together to create a 3D mesh or model. The more photos are stitched together, the better the quality of a 3D scan.

3DF Zephyr main features

  • User-friendly interface: the software menu is easy-to-use with a convenient photo stream menu at the bottom.
  • Automatic process: no need for coding or manual editing when creating the final 3D scan.
  • Editing tools: the software allow users to edit their final result with various tools.

3DF Zephyr price

Different versions and prices are available:
  • Free version: features full 3D reconstruction, a 50-photo limit per 3D scan, basic exporting capabilities and a few editing tools.
  • Lite version ($149): features a limit of 500 photos/3D scan and additional editing tools.
  • Pro version ($3,200): provides full exporting capabilities, no image limit, more advanced editing tools and laser scan support.
  • Aerial version ($4,200): includes the same features as the pro version, in addition to GIS, CAD and Survey tools.