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Basic specs Price: $ 60,00051 298 €45,882 £6,780,960 ¥
Model Ray
Manufacturer Artec
Category Industrial
Technology Laser pulse
Output formats
Max. resolution
Release date

Artec Ray review

The Artec Ray is a professional laser 3D scanner made by Artec, a manufacturer from Luxembourg.

This compact and portable 3D scanner is suitable indoors and outdoors, with or without a power source. Indeed, its internal battery lasts up to four hours.

To obtain a 3D point cloud of an object, the Artec Ray uses LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) 3D scanning technology.

Ray main features

  • Adaptability: users have the possibility to choose between two different 3D scanning modes, high quality or high sensitivity.
  • Ease of use: after placing the Ray 3D scanner on a tripod, users only need to press a button to 3D scan an object.
  • Field-of-view: this portable 3D scanner features a horizontal FoV of 360° and a vertical FoV of 270°.
  • Large scan range: the Ray’s 3D scanning range is 110 meters, allowing it to capture entire buildings in 3D.

Artec Ray price

This professional portable 3D scanner is available at the manufacturer price of $60,000.

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Model Ray
Manufacturer Artec
Price $ 60,00051 298 €45,882 £6,780,960 ¥
Release date
Status Available
Category Industrial
Technology Laser pulse
Output formats
OS compatibility Microsoft Windows


Max. resolution
Max. accuracy
Acquisition speed 208000 points/s
Camera resolution 2 x 5 MP
Working range 110 m
Scanning area (near)
Scanning area (far)


Dimensions 287 × 200 × 118 mm11.3 × 7.87 × 4.65 in
Weight 5.7 kg12.57 lb
Power input 14 - 24V DC, 30 W


Texture/Colors Yes
Wireless Yes
Rotating table
Robotic arm
3D printers
Built-in screen


SD card
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