Canvas is a free 3D scanner app for iPads developed by US-based Occipital. Canvas is suitable for DIYers and home services professionals such as architects and interior designers. The 3D scanning app’s interface is easy to use and the 3D scanning process is quite straightforward. Users simply need to tap on their iPad screen and walk around the room that they wish to 3D capture, while the app builds a 3D model of the room in real-time.

Occipital Canvas main features

  • Automatic measurements: in addition to 3D scanning, the app automatically measures the rooms (including floor plans) that are being captured.
  • Scan To CAD service: it is possible to convert 3D scans to CAD files for $29 per model.
  • User-friendly interface: for an easier user experience.
  • E-mail sharing service: the 3D scanner app lets users send their 3D scans by e-mail.

Occipital Canvas price

The app is free to download on the App Store. However, it requires a Structure Sensor to work. Discover more 3D scanning apps here.