Open Technologies Scan In a Box FX overview

The Scan In a Box FX is a 3D scanner made by Open Technologies, a manufacturer based in Italy. This 3D scanner is also known as the SIAB FX.

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Open Technologies SIAB FX technical properties

The Scan In a Box FX uses structured light 3D scanning technology. This desktop 3D scanner has a mobile, adaptable structure and a simple configuration. It is the latest version of the Open Technologies Scan In a Box.

The Open Technologies Scan In a Box FX is designed to offer a high price-to-performance ratio. It has been optimized to provide a smooth 3D scanning process, even for the most demanding use cases. The latter includes cultural conservation, design studies, and/or reverse engineering.

Open Technologies’ SIAB FX can 3D scan objects ranging from 10 to 3000 mm in size.

The SIAB – FX offers several new features compared to the standard SIAB, including:

  • HD 450 Lumens Projector (DELL) for enhanced Brightness and Color definition
  • USB 3.0 connections with professional quality cables.
  • Curved cameras and video-projector support, designed for toughness and reliability

Open Technologies IDEA-FX software features

The IDEA-FX offers several new features compared to the standard IDEA software, including:

  • Direct alignment: automatically assembles all the 3D scans together.
  • Resilient scan mode: enhances the sharpness of the acquisition and reduces the noise.
  • Mesh defeature: erases unwanted geometrical features and fixes the mesh in an instant.
  • Planes intersection: cuts the mesh in order to have two separate parts completely closed with a plane.
  • Concatenate meshes: merges two or more meshes to obtain a single and complete model.
  • Detect undercuts: selects all the undercuts in the mesh.
  • Texture export: extracts the colors in atlas map or triangular map separately.
  • Data measurements: measures the distance between two points on the mesh and the values of surface and volume dimensions of the mode.
  • Convert to range images: obtains range images of the digitized model starting from the mesh.
  • Export point cloud with normals and colors: exports the object as a point cloud with RGB color information to use in post production process.

Open Technologies Scan In a Box-FX accessories

The Scan In a Box FX comes with the following accessories:

  • Automatic TurnTable (ATT): The ATT makes it possible to set up automatically the 3D scanning process and obtain all the images already aligned in just one click, by setting up the number of scans, the speed and the angle of rotation.
  • Calibration Master FX 400×400 mm: The FX Version of the Calibration Master 400×400 mm is made of a strong aluminum alveolar structure to ensure reliability. The Calibration Master – Fx grants more accurate and precise results during the acquisition process, thanks to its high quality and enhanced flatness.
  • Transporter Hard Case: Made with high quality materials and entirely designed and manufactured in Italy,the Open Technologies Transporter Hard Case can carry safely a Scan in A Box -FX complete Kit and all its accessories. With a completely tailored inside, the Transporter Hard Case is provided equipped with trolley wheels and a comfortable handle.

Open Technologies SIAB FX price

The price for this professional desktop 3D scanner is €4,490 (approximately $5,000). Please contact us for further information.

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