The Scan In a Box is a 3D scanner made by Open Technologies, a manufacturer based in Italy.

Open Technologies Scan In a Box 3D scanner technical properties

The Scan In a Box uses the structured light 3D scanning technology. This desktop 3D scanner has a mobile, adaptable structure and a simple configuration. The Open Technologies Scan In a Box (a.k.a SIAB) is designed to offer a high price to ratio performance. It aims for educational and academic applications but is also suited for reverse engineering applications. The Scan In a Box is an efficient solution for expert users looking for professional results (design, heritage, reverse engineering e prototyping, makers, digital fabrication). This 3D scanner is capable of capturing textures (colors) of the parts and objects. It can export files in .OBJ, .PLY, .STL and .OFF formats. It is possible to 3D scan objects of a size that fit in the scanning areas (minimum 100 x 80 mm; maximum 500 x 400 mm). Bigger objects can be acquired but will require an alignment of several 3D scans to get bigger meshes. Like all 3D scanners, the compatible 3D scanning surfaces are those that are NOT: very dark, lucid, reflective, translucent. For the last three categories, the issue can be solved by covering the surface with a dulling spray or white-colored paint. The Open Technologies Scan In a Box is delivered with the IDEA 3D software. Software updates are free for all SIAB users. Read our complete test of the Open Technologies Scan In A Box 3D scanner.

Open Technologies Scan In a Box 3D scanner price and options

The SIAB is priced at €2,390 (excluding delivery and VAT). Its automatic turnable (ATT) is priced at €890.