Scandy LLC Scandy Pro overview

Scandy Pro is a 3D scanning app developed in the United States. Created in 2014, this app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

This 3D scanning app gives users the option to 3D print their 3D scans. Panoramas can be 3D printed onto small spheres. It costs $35 for a small 3-inch sphere.

Scandy versions

  • Pro version: this version of the app is for Tango smartphones only. Users can 3D scan several objects and create 3D meshes suitable for high-resolution 3D printing or precision CAD work.
  • Core version: allows users to create their own 3D-enabled program. Users can fix flying pixels, perform mesh patching and create a 3D mesh from scratch.

3D scanning application price

The app is free to download. However, it requires a Structure Sensor to operate or a smartphone with depth sensors.

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