ScanTech iReal overview

The ScanTech iReal is a professional structured light 3D scanner made by ScanTech. ScanTech is a Chinese company specializing in visual inspection equipment.

This portable 3D scanner is suitable for non-industrial applications. According to ScanTech, this handheld 3D scanner uses a combination of AR (augmented reality), HD image capture, and metrology.

iReal 3D scanner main features

  • Full-color 3D scans: the iReal 3D handheld scanner is able to capture textures (colors) thanks to its HD camera.
  • User-friendly: the iReal offers real-time 3D scanning guidance and is able to 3D scan without markers.

ScanTech iReal price

Please contact the manufacturer to obtain a quote for this professional handheld 3D scanner.

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