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Autoscan-DS-EX Shining 3D

Autoscan-DS-EX Shining 3D - 3D scanners
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Basic specs Price: $ 5,489
Model Autoscan-DS-EX
Brand Shining 3D (see all products)
Category Stationary > Desktop
Technology Structured light
Max. resolution
Release date

Shining 3D Autoscan-DS-EX review

The Autoscan-DS-EX is a desktop dental 3D scanner made by Shining 3D, a manufacturer based in China.

Shining 3D Autoscan-DS-EX 3D scanner for the dental market

This desktop 3D scanner was specifically developed for the dental market. It uses the structured light 3D scanning technology, which consists in casting a known pattern onto the surface to 3D scan, to register its deformation and conclude on the 3D geometry of the part. With this flexible technology and clever design, the Shining 3D Autoscan-DS-EX is a very good pick for professionals looking for a powerful 3D scanning solution for their dental businesses.

The AutoScan-DS-EX 3D scanner can easily fit on a desk and therefore will be the ideal digital lab companion.

AutoScan-DS-EX 3D scanner can be applied to different levels of dental laboratories, dental vocational colleges, dental clinics.

Some 3D scanning time references:
-Bite: 18 s
-Upper/Lower Jaw: 42 s
-1 to 8 dies: 42 s
-Full impression: 90 s.

Shining 3D Autoscan-DS-EX main features

  • Fully open structure: compatible with most articulators available on the market, including Artex, KAVO, etc…
  • Triple-tray scanning: an optimized triple-tray impression 3D scanning with optimized jig.
  • Texture scanning: marks on dental models can be captured clearly, providing reference for further design work.
  • Continuous scanning: the AutoScan-DS-EX 3D scanner offers an optimal data post-processing option through LAN network
  • Clinic mode: can be applied to dental clinics directly to support chair-side restoration solutions.
  • Open data format: this dental 3D scanner can export STL data and offers a high compatibility with current open CAD/CAM software and hardware on the market.

Shining 3D Autoscan-DS-EX price

Contact us to learn more about the Shining 3D Autoscan-DX-EX dental 3D scanner and receive a quote.

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Autoscan-DS-EX Shining 3D


Model Autoscan-DS-EX
Brand Shining 3D
Price $ 5,489
Release date
Status Available
Category Stationary > Desktop
Technology Structured light
Output formats OBJ, STL
OS compatibility Mac OS, Microsoft Windows


Max. resolution
Max. accuracy 0.015 mm
Acquisition speed
Camera resolution 1.3 MP MP
Working range 0 - 0.75 m
Scanning area (near) 100 × 100 mm
Scanning area (far) 100 × 100 mm


Dimensions 260 × 27 × 420 mm
Power input AC 24 V


Texture/Colors Yes
Robotic arm


SD card
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