Solutionix Rexcan 4 overview

The Solutionix Rexcan 4 is an industrial 3D scanner made by Solutionix, a manufacturer based in Korea.

The Rexcan 4 by Solutionix is a 3D Scanner which uses phase-shifting optical triangulation technology and high resolution twin CCD cameras to achieve high accuracy data, realizing less than 10 um surface noise and feature error.

The Solutionix Rexcan 4 is capable of scanning of deeper and narrower area on complex objects possible by adding a special 10° triangulation angle with increased depth/diameter ratio. Difficult to scan blind spots of intricate objects scan can be covered by 10° triangulation mode.

For large size objects such as car bodies, aero parts it is possible to use in option a photogrammetry system for an enhanced performance. The Solutionix Rexcan 4 can also be combined with an automated turntable capable of handling up to 50 kg.