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Wireless FreeScan X7+ Shining 3D

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Overview Full specs
Basic specs Price: $ 20,000 - $ 50,00020 000 € - 50 000 €15,294 £ - 38,235 £2,260,320 ¥ - 5,650,800 ¥
Manufacturer Shining 3D
Category Handheld
Technology Laser triangulation
Output formats
Max. resolution
Release date 2018
Country China
Full specs

Shining 3D Wireless FreeScan X7+ review

The Wireless FreeScan X7+ is a wireless professional 3D scanner made by Shining 3D. The manufacturer is based in China with operations in Europe and the US. This handheld 3D scanner is designed for professional and industrial applications. It is based on the laser 3D capture technology. This 3D scanner is among the very few fully wireless 3D scanners on the market.

This handheld and wireless 3D scanner is the upgraded version of the FreeScan X7.

Wireless FreeScan X7+ features

  • Wireless 3D scanning: the FreeScan X7+ is a handheld and fully wireless 3D scanner for complete portability. However, when operating,  it must be tethered to the AirMaster module, a portable device attached to the 3D scanner containing a long-lasting battery and the computing processor.
  • Real-time visualization: the data captured in 3D is displayed in real time on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Intuitive workflow: this industrial 3D scanner is designed for ease-of-use and is compatible with existing 3D capture software (Geomagic, Rhinoceros, Verisurf) for an optimal integration to various workflows and applications.

Another version of this 3D scanner is available, the Wireless FreeScan X5+.

Wireless FreeScan X7+ price

Please contact the manufacturer directly to obtain a detailed quote.

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Model Wireless FreeScan X7+
Manufacturer Shining 3D
Price $ 20,000 - $ 50,00020 000 € - 50 000 €15,294 £ - 38,235 £2,260,320 ¥ - 5,650,800 ¥
Release date 2018
Country China
Status Available
Category Handheld
Technology Laser triangulation
Output formats
OS compatibility Microsoft Windows


Max. resolution
Max. accuracy 0.03 mm0.001 in
Acquisition speed 480000 points/s
Camera resolution
Working range
Scanning area (near)
Scanning area (far)


Power input


Texture/Colors No
Wireless Yes
Tripod No
Rotating table No
Robotic arm No
3D printers No


Wifi Yes
Bluetooth No
SD card No
Ethernet No