Prevu3D provides digital twin software solutions. Starting with 3D scanning data from leading hardware providers, Prevu3D delivers an editable and photorealistic 3D mesh model in a lightweight, user-friendly software that allows you to work within your digital reality.

Prevu3D main features

  • Editing: Move, remove, or duplicate any element of your environment (walls, machines, etc.), with collision detection.
  • Import: Import any 2D or 3D file.
  • Export: Export 3D elements, 2D plans, and more, compatible with any engineering or design software (e.g. Autocad).
  • Navigation: Move around in first-person and third-person view.

Leading use cases for Prevu3D software

  • Factory layout rearrangement
  • CAPEX engineering projects coordination
  • Equipment relocalization
  • Floor plans validation and update
  • As-built documentation
  • Maintenance and Training documentation
  • Virtual tours
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