BodyFit is a piece of software that creates a parametric model of a person from a 3D scan captured with the Texel Portal MX or Texel Portal BX body scanners to determine body measurements. It adjusts the model to key anthropometric points and takes over 100 measurements, which can be visualized as an image and downloaded in CSV format. The data obtained can be used for clothing size selection, fit assessment, or fitness progress tracking. It also provides measurement data through Texel API for integration with other applications such as virtual fitting rooms and fitness assistants.

Texel BodyFit main features

  • Adjusts a model of a person and determines its parameters in just a few minutes.
  • You can select the unit of measurement from inches and centimeters
  • The results of measurements can be exported in the CSV format and used in different services
  • Uses a statistical model that is derived from a large sample of data.
  • Minimal use of resources, all of the computing takes place in the cloud

Texel BodyFit price

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