Texel Services is an integrated collection of web services for 3D modeling and data management for the Texel Portal MX and Texel Portal BX body scanners. It includes Texel Console, a web user interface for accessing the database of 3D scans, Texel API, and Texel Cloud for cloud-based 3D model processing. Texel API enables integration with 3rd party apps for data access and model export and allows users to view registrations, export 3D models, set parameters for 3D printing, select animations, and more.

Texel Services main features

  • User information is never given to 3rd party services without consent
  • Simple and clear web interface for the operator to interact with the cloud
  • 3D models can be stored in the popular formats: OBJ PLY, WRL, STL, FBX
  • 3D model is available online for 90 days after its creation
  • User data and 3D scans are stored in a secure database

Texel Services price

Please contact us to get a quote for Texel Services.