Airborne Drones The Falcon overview

The Airborne Drones The Falcon is a professional long-range FPV surveillance drone made by Airborne Drones, a manufacturer based in South Africa. They also produce The Vanguard.

This advanced quadcopter drone can be used for a range of services including delivery and transport, farming, wildlife monitoring, security, and inspections as well as other roles.

Furthermore, this advanced aerial drone also features a dual sensor camera configuration, therefore it can utilize thermal and visual imaging and be used at night and day.

The Falcon also comes with a SkyLink System which allows for long distance control and telemetry feedback.

The Falcon drone main features

  • Battery fail-safe feature: the drone will return to home when it is running low on power.
  • High-quality photos and videos: The Vanguard features a 24 MP camera system and is able to record videos in 4K resolution. This foldable camera drone also boasts a 3-axis gimbal for precise stabilization.
  • Control: the drone pilot can operate The Vanguard with a joystick control module which has 5 hours of battery and a 15″ HD screen. Users can also use a touchscreen tablet.

X-4 vs. X-8 The Falcon drone

The Falcon is available in two versions, the X-8 and X-4. Both UAVs feature high-tech specs.

The Falcon X-4

  • A flight time of 50 minutes and range of 12.5kms.

The Falcon X-8

  • A flight time of 32 minutes and a range of 18kms.
  • Includes X-Claw for small deliveries
  • Multi-Spectral Sensor

Airborne Drones The Falcon price

Please contact the manufacturer for the price of The Falcon FPV drone.

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