Aquabotix SwarmDiver overview

The Aquabotix SwarmDiver is a small underwater swarm drone, made by Aquabotix, a manufacturer from the US.

The SwarmDiver is a portable and autonomous underwater drone primarily aimed for military purposes, environmental monitoring, and research. This drone is also considered to be a hybrid unmanned surface vehicle (USV) and unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV).

These swarm drones are about 75 cm in length, weigh 1.7 kg and reach depths of 50 m. In addition, the SwarmDiver can reach speeds of about 8 km/h thanks to two brushless DC motors.

Interestingly, the drone can only transmit data once it has resurfaced. One drone pilot is able to operate a number of SwarmDivers simultaneously.

SwarmDiver underwater drone features

  • Swarm function: users can operate multiple drones at once and they can act autonomously.
  • Return home: the drones are able to return home en masse in a single file.
  • Max. depth: the Trident is able to reach depths of 50 meters.

Three types of SwarmDivers are available

  • Stealth: this camouflaged version features a low-noise motor and has no external lights.
  • Nightline: ideal for covert missions, the Nightline also has a low-noise motor as well as an ultraviolet coating for easier nighttime recover.
  • Edge: features high-intensity lighting to help it act as a visible, portable boundary in the water.

Aquabotix SwarmDiver price

Please contact the manufacturer for the price of the Aquabotix SwarmDiver underwater drone.

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