The Aquarobotman Nemo is a tethered 4K underwater drone made by Aquarobotman, a manufacturer based in China.

The Nemo features an advanced 4K camera which can live stream in 1080P at 30 fps. In addition, the camera can capture high-quality images at 16 MP.

Drone pilots can use the app (Android and iOS) to control the drone or use FPV goggles. The VR control with the headset is called the somatosensory control function which allows for a more immersive experience.

This underwater ROV has 4 thrusters which feature a QAS-balance system to increase the stability in the currents. This drone can also reach a depth of 100 meters and speeds of 2 m/s.

Nemo includes a smart battery which can detect overloading and complete self-checks. In addition, the drone uses a Wi-Fi base system to communicate with the controller.

Nemo underwater drone features

  • HD camera: the Nemo has a 4K camera with a wide FOV (150 degrees). It can stream at 1080p and capture beautiful footage of undersea world.
  • QAS balance system: allows for better control and stability to capture quality images and video underwater.
  • FPV control: the ROV can be paired with FPV goggles for a fully immersive experience in first-person view..

Aquarobotman Nemo price

The Aquarobotman Nemo is available for $1,399 (see on Amazon). Additional accessories are also available from the manufacturer (backpack, kevlar cable, etc.)

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