Blue Robotics BlueROV2 overview

The Blue Robotics BlueROV2 is an underwater drone made by Blue Robotics, a manufacturer based in the United States.

This ROV (remotely operated vehicle) is popular for schools, businesses, hobbyists, and amateur sea explorers.

The BlueROV2 features six powerful thrusters enabling it to travel at up to 1.5 meters per second. This also allows the ROV to gain high mobility in all directions, which is especially useful for filming underwater.

Indeed, this underwater ROV is equipped with an HD camera that offers 1080p live video feed. Its headlamps provide 6,000 lumens of light for good filming conditions.

Various accessories are available, such as a gripper, sonar, and additional thrusters (up to 8 thrusters can be mounted at a time).

Blue Robotics BlueROV2 price

In its standard configuration, the Blue Robotics BlueROV2 is available at the manufacturer price of $3,493. Additional accessories are available separately.

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