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PIONEER Blueye Robotics

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Basic specs Price: $ 9,8788 445 €7,554 £1,116,372 ¥
Metascore β€”
Manufacturer Blueye Robotics
Category Professional
Type Underwater
Release date 2019
Country Norway

Blueye Robotics PIONEER review

The Blueye Robotics PIONEER is a professional underwater drone made by Blueye Robotics, a manufacturer from Norway.

Users can operate this tethered underwater drone via a smartphone/tablet (Android or iOS) or via theΒ manufacturer’s FPV goggles (MovieMask Premium Blueye edition). Thus the drone is a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).

The PIONEER drone also offersΒ auto-depth and auto-headingΒ features.

In addition, drone pilots can take this drone down to an impressive dive-depth of 150m. Furthermore, the battery time of 2 hours allows for extensive underwater filming opportunities.

PIONEER underwater drone features

  • Headlights: the underwater drone has powerful 3300 lumen LED headlights, thus they provide optimal underwater visibility.
  • Max. depth:Β the 150m diving depth allows for footage which is usually hard to achieve.
  • Thrusters:Β 350W rear (2), side and vertical thrusters power the underwater drone.
  • HD camera: users can, therefore, capture HD video footage of 1080p at 30 fps.
  • Smartphone app:Β thus users can operate the underwater drone via the Blueye mobile app (Android or iOS).

Blueye Robotics PIONEER price

The Blueye Robotics PIONEER underwater drone is available for $9,878.

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PIONEER Blueye Robotics


Manufacturer Blueye Robotics
Metascore β€”
Price $ 9,8788 445 €7,554 £1,116,372 ¥
Release date 2019
Country Norway
Status Coming soon
Category Professional
Type Underwater

Flight performance

Max. speed 1.5 m/s1.5 mps
Max. range 0.2 km0.1 mi
Max. flight time 120 min
Max. payload/cargo β€”

Flight modes

Orbit (POI) β€”
Follow-me β€”
Waypoint (flight path) β€”
Beginner β€”
Headless β€”
Acrobatics/stunt β€”
Altitude hold Yes

Flight assistance

One key takeoff β€”
One key landing β€”
Return home β€”
Obstacle avoidance β€”


Smartphone/tablet only (via app) Yes
Controller w/ built-in LCD β€”
Controller w/ smartphone/tablet mount β€”
Controller (no screen) β€”


Dimensions β€”
Dimensions (folded) β€”
Weight 9 kg19.84 lb
Number of rotors 4
Battery capacity β€”
Min. operating temp. β€”
Max. operating temp. β€”


Video resolution 1080p
Video frame rate 30 fps
Camera resolution (photo) β€”
Live video feed resolution 1080p
Live video feed frame rate 30 fps
Gimbal stabilizer β€”


Foldable design β€”
LED lights Yes
Propeller guards Yes
Robotic arms β€”
Waterproof Yes
Live video feed Yes
Facial recognition β€”
FPV goggles (optional) Yes
Heavy-lift β€”
4K camera β€”
Gesture control β€”
Headlamps Yes


Micro USB β€”
SD Card β€”
Micro SD Card β€”
Bluetooth β€”
Radio β€”
4G/LTE β€”
Wifi Yes
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