The CHASING GLADIUS MINI is a mini tethered smart underwater drone made by CHASING, a manufacturer based in China. They also produce the GLADIUS underwater drone.

This underwater drone is tethered but can reach 100 m from the drone pilot as well as reaching 100 m depth underwater. Furthermore, the mini-drone has 5 stabilizing propellers.

The GLADIUS MINI is also a professional-grade underwater drone with a 4K Ultra HD camera. Drone pilots can operate it via a smartphone. Therefore, the drone is ideal for a range of professionals and hobbyists including scuba divers, yacht owners, content creators, etc.

Besides, the manufacturer claims the GLADIUS MINI is the first five-thruster, mini-sized underwater drone.

GLADIUS MINI drone main features

  • 4K Ultra HD camera: users can capture UHD footage at 1080p or 4K resolution and 12 MP resolution for photos.
  • LED lights: divers can adjust the dimming LED lights which are designed specifically for use underwater, therefore providing great lighting.
  • One TouchDepth-Lock Mode: thus, users can easily control the depth and record footage with this new feature
  • Wireless controller: the diver/drone pilot operates the drone via a remote controller and app which the smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) fits into. The controller is WiFi enabled.


Aside from the size difference, one of the key additions to the MINI in comparison with the original GLADIUS (which is no longer in production) is the use of FPV goggles.

Three devices can also share the control of the underwater drone. Footage can also be screened on TV via HDMI. In addition, users can stream to YouTube or social media.


The CHASING GLADIUS MINI is priced at $1,499 (50 m cable length).

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