Geneinno Poseidon 1 overview

The Geneinno Poseidon 1 is an underwater drone produced by Geneinno, a manufacturer based in China. They also produce the Geneinno Titan.

The camera, fitted with a wide angle lens, offers an impressive 1080p live video feed at 30 fps. The 1200-lumen LED lights assist in providing optimal visibility.

This tethered drone is able to reach depths of 120 meters (the cable lengths available are 50 m and 100 m). The drone connects via a supplied Wi-Fi buoy.

Poseidon 1 underwater drone features

  • Very long battery life: the Poseidon 1 can operate for up to 5 hours before requiring a recharge.
  • Control system: the drone is equipped with 3 thrusters and a built-in leveling sensor. It also boasts a useful self-balance control system.
  • High-resolution camera: allows for a live video stream in 1080p resolution and features a wide angle 120-degree lens. FPV goggles are also optional.
  • Controller: drone pilots can use their smartphone/tablet to operate the drone via the Geneinno mobile app (Android and iOS).

Geneinno Poseidon 1 price

The Geneinno Poseidon 1 is available for $1,699 (see on Amazon).

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