Hubsan X4 Air FPV (H501S) overview

The Hubsan X4 Air FPV (H501S) is a camera FPV drone, made by the Chinese manufacturer Hubsan. This quadcopter drone is cost-effective (under $200) and packed with many features, making it an attractive choice.

Hubsan X4 Air FOV (H501S) features

The X4 Air, also know as H501S, offers several interesting features:

  • Flight Assistance: users can thus choose from automatic return home (FailSafe mode) and altitude hold for easy operations.
  • HD camera: this drone is equipped with a 1080p HD camera.
  • Flight modes: Follow-me (ideal for drone selfies or “dronies”), Orbit mode.
  • Flight autonomy: thus users can fly the drone for 20 minutes for extended flight sessions.
  • Controller: multi-function FPV controller with a large screen (H901A remote controller).

One limitation of the X4 Air H501S is the flight radius, hence it is limited to 300m.

Hubsan X4 Air FPV H501S price

The X4 Air FPV costs $219 according to the manufacturer Hubsan (see on Amazon).

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