Navatics Mito overview

The Navatics MITO is a tethered 4K underwater drone made by Navatics, a manufacturer based in Hong Kong. Navatics claims this underwater ROV to be the “most stable 4K underwater drone”, thanks to its advanced active stabilization system.

This recreational underwater drone has an impressive 4K camera which can stream live video at 1080p and capture high resolution images.

The drone also comes with a waterproof communication buoy. It allows users to control the ROV from up to 500 meters away.

The MITO is a tethered drone and comes with a 50-meter cable. In addition, the ROV can reach depths of 40 meters. The two 1000-lumen headlights help illuminate the dark marine conditions.

Drone pilots are able to operate the drone via a smartphone (iOS and Android) mounted to the remote control (included).

MITO underwater drone main features

  • Built-in Active Stabilization Technology: the professional-grade stabilization technology ensures underwater videos and photos are perfectly stabilized.
  • 4K Ultra HD camera: users can capture UHD footage at 4K resolution or 1080p for the live feed.
  • Powerful lights: two 1000 lumen LED lights improve visibility underwater.
  • Quick-swap battery: the MITO has a great battery life of 4 hours thanks to its easily swappable battery.

The Navatics MITO is available at the price of $1,499.

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