The Notilo Plus iBubble is an autonomous underwater drone made by Notilo Plus, a French startup. This innovative underwater camera drone follows the diver to capture exceptional submarine footage. Notilo Plus even refers to their drone as a "personal underwater cameraman" for both professionals and consumers. The iBubble underwater drone is powered by 7 motors and can dive up to 60 meters deep.

iBubble camera drone main features

  • Autonomous: the drone is able to follow the diver thanks to autonomous diving modes, all while recording video. This level of autonomy is quite uncommon in the underwater drone niche.
  • Bracelet and wireless controller: this water drone comes with a waterproof bracelet-type controller for scuba divers. This enables users to choose diving modes and call the iBubble back at any time. It's also possible to pilot the drone from the surface thanks to the remote control option.
  • Eco-friendly obstacle avoidance: the iBubble is equipped with various sensors (and silent propellers) to avoid hitting or disturbing corals, reefs, and other fragile marine wildlife.
  • LED headlights: these two 1000-lumen LED lights offer optimal lighting by automatically adjusting their brightness.
  • Professional-grade camera: the iBubble's camera features proprietary auto-framing software as well as image stabilization. Viewing the drone's video in real time is possible when cable-tethering the drone (optional).

iBubble autonomous dive modes

This wireless underwater drone offers various autonomous diving modes. While underwater, users can easily select which mode they want to activate thanks to the waterproof bracelet controller.
  • Follow-me mode: this is the classic default mode, where iBubble automatically follows the diver.
  • Lead mode: with this mode, the iBubble stays ahead of the diver.
  • Circle mode (orbit): this mode makes the drone circle around the user.
  • Manual mode: the diver can call the drone back and then simply grab its built-in handles to manually maneuver it.
The iBubble personal cameraman is also able to automatically return and clip onto the diver when running out of battery. Moreover, in case of an emergency, this wireless underwater filming drone automatically resurfaces.

Notilo Plus iBubble price

The iBubble basic version costs $4,499, but two different packs are also available:
  • Explorer Edition ($5,199): the Explorer pack turns the drone into an underwater rover and comes with a 60-meter cable.
  • Premium Edition ($6,999): the Premium Edition includes a hard case, 2 extra batteries and dual charger, a remote controller with built-in screen, and a 100-meter cable.
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