Propel STAR WARS TIE Advanced X1 overview

The Propel STAR WARS TIE Advanced X1 is a toy quadcopter drone produced by Propel, a drone manufacturer from the US. Propel also produces other collectible series of drones.

The STAR WARS collectible series drones are compatible with an iOS or Android app and also designed for a multiplayer drone game platform. Thus the drones emit infra-red beams to “combat” each other in-flight.

The STAR WARS TIE Advanced X1 comes assembled and Ready-To-Fly (RTF), therefore it includes a radio controller, flight batteries, spare parts and also some proprietary add-ons and collectibles.

Some users have complained that the drones don’t function as well outdoors in windy conditions.

STAR WARS TIE Advanced X1 drone main features

  • iOS and Android apps: therefore allows users to have a multiplayer game platform experience (up to 12 players).
  • Multiple speed settings: hence users can choose between 3-speed modes to fly the drone depending on their experience.
  • Entry-level flight assistance: one-touch take off and landings, as well as an auto-land option, allows beginner users to fly the drone.

Propel STAR WARS TIE Advanced X1 price

The STAR WARS TIE Advanced X1 is available at the manufacturer price of $149 (see on Amazon).

The Propel STAR WARS T-65 X-WING Starfighter and Propel STAR WARS 74-Z Speeder Bike are also available.

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