The FIFISH V6 is a professional underwater drone produced by QYSEA. QYSEA is a drone manufacturer based in China. The FIFISH V6 was released in 2019.

FIFISH V6 main features

  • 4K UHD camera: this underwater drone delivers Ultra HD (UHD 4K) videos at 30 FPS with a 166° ultra wide angle. It is also possible to opt for 120 FPS while filming in Full HD (1080p), and even to film in 8x slow motion. The camera is equipped with image stabilization.
  • Omnidirectional: the FIFISH V6's six thrusters are able to deliver six degrees of freedom. It is able to move upwards and downwards, from side to side, forwards and backwards, and is able to tilt in various directions.
  • Remote control and VR goggles: the FIFISH V6 is easy to control and boasts an immersive experience in virtual reality. The FIFISH Smart Controller comes with various intuitive controls as well as an HDMI output for live streaming.
  • FIFISH mobile app (Android and iOS): enables users to edit their footage and instantly share it online.


The FIFISH V6 is available at the price of $1,599 (check on Amazon). Compare all drones and UAVs with our drones comparison engine.