Shenzhen Vxfly CCROV overview

The Shenzhen Vxfly CCROV is a tethered 4K underwater drone made by Shenzhen Vxfly, a manufacturer based in China. The full name of the company is Shenzhen Vxfly Intelligent Information Technology Co., Ltd.

The CCROV has 6 vector thrusters (4 horizontal and 2 vertical) which allow it to easily manage depths of up to 100 meters. Users can pilot the marine drone via the intuitive CCROC mobile app (Android and iOS) or with the remote control.

This compact underwater drone boasts a high-quality 16 MP 4K camera and is able to stream live video at 720p.

CCROV underwater drone main features

  • 4K HD camera: users can capture 4K videos (UHD, ultra high definition) or live-stream videos at 720p resolution.
  • Powerful thrusters: allows the drone to easily manage strong currents and reach great depths.
  • Headlamps: this ROV (remotely operated vehicle) boasts four 350-lumen headlights, providing great visibility in dark underwater environments.
  • FPV headset (optional): users can make use of a first-person view via a headset for a more immersive underwater experience.

Shenzhen Vxfly CCROV price

The Shenzhen Vxfly CCROV is available starting from $3,699 (see on Amazon).

Various versions of the CCROV are available at different price points depending on the length of cable the user wants to purchase.

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