The SilverLit SPYCAM AQUA is an underwater toy drone made by SilverLit, a manufacturer based in Hong Kong. SilverLit also refers to this drone as the Submarina Camera. This cheap underwater drone includes a detachable fish-feeding arm for use in fish tanks or aquariums. Pilots may also use the SPYCAM AQUA in salt water by attaching 4 weight balancers to the drone.

SPYCAM AQUA underwater drone main features

  • Camera: the SPYCAM AQUA can record video in 640 x 480p and capture images in 1280 x 960p resolution.
  • Two LED headlights: this affordable toy drone boasts lights to illuminate potentially murky water conditions, allowing for better video capture.
  • Battery life: this cheap underwater RC drone's battery lasts about 30 minutes per charge.

SilverLit SPYCAM AQUA price

The SilverLit SPYCAM AQUA RC submarine with camera is available for under $80 (see on GearBest). Explore and compare underwater drones using our comparison engine.