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F210 3D F210 3D Product description: A 3D printer with a maximum build size of mm, manufactured by Walkera . Customer reviews:
Review of the F210 3D 3D printer. - by , Jan 16, 2019
3.8/ 5stars
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Basic specs Price: $ 449384 €343 £50,744 ¥
Manufacturer Walkera
Category Racing
Type Multi-rotors
Release date 2016
Country China
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Walkera F210 3D review

The Walkera F210 3D is an FPV racing quadcopter drone made by Walkera, a manufacturer based in China. Walkera is a popular drone manufacturer with several drone products including the F210.

This F210 3D racing drone is available in ready-to-fly (RTF) and bind-n-fly (BNF) versions, thus the drone pilot may need to buy some additional equipment.

The drone is designed to be durable with a carbon fiber frame, ideal for drone racing.

The FPV racing drone features WK-WS-28-014A KV2500 brushless motors and is capable of flying 5 to 8 minutes at a time.

F210 3D drone main features

  • DEVO 7 remote control: thus allows users to easily control the drone.
  • High-quality camera: the 700 TVL camera allows for clear images while flying in FPV and includes HD night vision.
  • Brushless motors: thus allows for better speed and agility in an FPV racing drone.
  • One switch mode: allows users to easily perform stunts in the 3D mode such as roll, flip, and racecourse moves.

Walkera F210 3D price

This F210 racing drone is available at the manufacturer price of $449 (see on Amazon).

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Model F210 3D
Manufacturer Walkera
Price $ 449384 €343 £50,744 ¥
Release date 2016
Country China
Status Available
Category Racing
Type Multi-rotors

Flight performance

Max. speed
Max. range
Max. flight time 8 min
Max. payload/cargo

Flight modes

Orbit (POI) No
Follow-me No
Waypoint (flight path) No
Beginner No
Headless No
Acrobatics/stunt Yes
Altitude hold No

Flight assistance

One key takeoff No
One key landing No
Return home No
Obstacle avoidance No


Smartphone/tablet only (via app) No
Controller w/ built-in LCD Yes
Controller w/ smartphone/tablet mount No
Controller (no screen) No


Dimensions 182 × 182 × 103 mm7.17 × 7.17 × 4.06 in
Dimensions (folded)
Weight 370 g13.05 oz
Number of rotors 4
Battery capacity 1300 mAh
Min. operating temp. -10 °C14 °F
Max. operating temp. 40 °C104 °F


Video resolution
Video frame rate
Camera resolution (photo)
Live video feed resolution
Live video feed frame rate
Gimbal stabilizer No


Foldable design No
LED lights Yes
Propeller guards No
Robotic arms No
Waterproof No
Live video feed Yes
Facial recognition No
FPV goggles (optional) Yes
Heavy-lift No
4K camera No
Gesture control No
Headlamps No


Micro USB No
SD Card No
Micro SD Card No
Bluetooth No
Radio Yes
Wifi No
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Walkera F210 3D tests and ratings

3.8 / 5