3Glasses Blubur S2 overview

The 3Glasses Blubur S2 is a tethered VR headset made by 3Glasses, a manufacturer based in China.

This PC VR headset is compatible with both Windows Mixed Reality and StreamVR content platforms and comes with two 6 DoF motion controllers. This affordable VR headset provides inside-out positional tracking thanks to its two positioning cameras.

The Blubur S2 is compatible with Cortana, the personalized digital agent from Windows. It helps answer all of the user’s questions.

Blubur S2 main features

  • Two 6DoF controllers: for a more immersive user experience while playing VR games.
  • Inside-out tracking: there are two positioning cameras on the VR headset. It enables to track the user’s position without the need for external sensors.
  • Flip-up system: it is possible to flip the visor up at a 90° angle. This allows users to easily switch between virtual reality and the real world without having to completely remove the headset.

3Glasses Blubur S2 price

The Blubur S2 VR headset is available at the price of $549.

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