Alcatel VR15 Goggles overview

The Alcatel VR15 Goggles is a virtual reality headset for smartphones made by Alcatel, a French brand of mobile handsets based in Paris, France.

This affordable VR device only works with the Alcatel IDOL 4 VR smartphone.

According to users, the content and VR games look pixelated and the lenses don’t provide enough sense of depth. Also, there is no IPD or focal lens adjustment. However, it is still very affordable and enables Alcatel smartphone users to enjoy a VR experience.

VR15 Goggles main features

  • Compatible with many VR applications: this cheap VR headset is compatible with the large variety of Google Cardboard applications as well as apps from the Little Star content platform.
  • Control buttons: provides a more intuitive navigation.
  • Adjustable strap: the design of the headset is comfortable and easy to use.

Alcatel VR15 Goggles price

This affordable VR headset for smartphones is available at the manufacturer price of $25. It is also possible to buy the VR15 Goggles with the Alcatel IDOL 4VR on Amazon.

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