The ANTVR MIX is a tethered AR headset made by ANTVR, a manufacturer based in Beijing, China. Contrary to most other augmented reality glasses on the market, the MIX requires a constant cable connection to a PC. These AR glasses are small and lightweight (130g) while providing a relatively large FOV of 96° thanks to ANTVR's proprietary, dual-channel mixed optics. It ships with 3DoF controllers but 6DoF may be available in the future. Content-wise, the MIX is compatible with SteamVR and its large variety of VR applications. This means that users can play VR games (ones that have a dark background) in AR.

MIX glasses main features

  • Wide FOV: the glasses feature a 96-degree field of view, which is relatively wide for an augmented reality device.
  • Two 3DoF controllers: for a more intuitive and immersive user experience.
  • AR/VR hybrid: the device features a removable black visor that enables users to quickly switch between AR and VR.

ANTVR MIX optional features

Different options are available with this AR headset in order to suit specific user needs:
  • Eye tracking: special sensors detect and follow the user's gaze, activating another level of interaction.
  • Hand tracking: enables the AR HMD to detect user's hand gestures.
  • Outside-in or inside-out tracking: users may choose between a frontal camera module or external sensors in order to obtain positional tracking.
ANTVR's AR headset is also compatible with Leap Motion and HTC VIVE tracking systems.


The Cyclop is available from the same manufacturer. The estimated starting price for the MIX AR headset is $649. Discover other AR smart glasses and VR headsets with our comparison engine.