The Asus HC102 is a Windows Mixed Reality (MR) headset made by Asus, a manufacturer from Taiwan. This Asus Windows Mixed Reality headset is compatible with all laptops that run Windows 10. According to the manufacturer, it takes around 10 minutes to entirely set up the headset and display.

HC102 headset main features

  • Convenient flip design: enables users to easily switch between the real world and the virtual world.
  • 3K visuals and 6DoF: provide an immersive experience and freedom of movement in the three-dimensional space.
  • Light and balanced headset: releases pressure on nose and face to avoid "VR face".
  • Quick-drying and antibacterial materials: for a more comfortable user experience.
  • Windows MR app support: a digital distribution platform that delivers 20.000 supported apps.

Asus HC102 price

The Asus HC102 is available at the manufacturer price of $429 and includes two 6DoF controllers. Discover more mixed reality headsets with our comparison engine.