The Avegant Lightfield are tethered mixed reality glasses made by Avegant, a manufacturer based in San Francisco, United States. The device uses Avegant Light Field Technology, as a result, it allows for clear visualization of virtual objects in the real world, therefore making the digital objects appear clearly focused. It's possible to create, for example, virtual prototypes, schematics for structures or even organs with this MR device. In addition, the MR headset can display additional information on the surrounding environment. Furthermore, the MR glasses allow for easily modifiable designs in real-time through the user's fingertips. Thus, the Avegant Lightfield mixed reality glasses have many personal and professional uses; medical, prototyping, communication, etc.

Lightfield main features

  • Avegant technology: it is possible to visualize digital objects and data in the real world. This technology automatically corrects the focus of the objects depending on the distance, much like the human eyes do.
  • Mixed Reality Platform: allows the developers to create virtual 3D models with their fingertips. It is possible to see the results in the real world and modify them in real-time.
  • Light Field Development Kit: provides support to help the user or the organization to use the glasses.
  • Improved communication: in mixed reality, it is possible to speak to a virtual hologram regardless of geography.

Avegant Lightfield

These MR glasses are not currently available for commercial sale as they are prototypes. Please contact the manufacturer for more information. Discover other mixed reality glasses with our comparison engine.