DEUS Odin overview

The DEUS Odin is a 4K tethered VR headset with 6DoF made by DEUS, a manufacturer from Russia. This HMD is shipping in two versions, the Odin and Odin Pre.

According to the manufacturer, the Odin 4K headset will provide a resolution of 4320×2160 and features Fresnel lenses. Furthermore, the field of view is 110°, which is considered a wide FOV for VR headsets.

The Odin offers 6DoF and Odins proprietary 6DoF controllers. In addition, Odin utilizes its own Horus base station and tracking system. DEUS claims Horus can support multiple stations, and the 2 included base stations can cover 200 square meters.

Odin supports SteamVR and OpenVR, therefore allowing for access to a wide variety of VR content.

Odin main features

  • 6DoF and 360° tracking: for a more immersive experience. 6DoF controllers are also included.
  • Wide FOV: 110° is competitive with most advanced consumer VR headsets available on the market, thus allows for a more comfortable VR interaction.
  • 4K resolution: delivers crisp, high-resolution images, thus offering users an optimal VR experience.
  • Horus tracking system: base stations ensure fully immersive 6DoF over a wide interactive area (200 square meters).
  • VirtualLink USB-C: therefore makes connectivity easier for the user.

Odin Pre vs. Odin

A pre-release version of the tethered HMD, the Odin Pre, will be made available targeting developers. A 3DoF controller will ship with the Pre and the HMD will cost approximately $1,100. This edition will come with DisplayPort.

DEUS Odin price

Please contact the manufacturer for the price of the DEUS Odin.

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