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Basic specs Price: $ 225
Model E3-B
Brand DPVR (see all products)
Category PC VR
Resolution 2560 × 1440 px
Field of view (FOV) 110°
Release date 2018
Country China

DPVR E3-B review

The DPVR E3-B is tethered virtual reality headset for PC made by DPVR, a manufacturer formerly known as Deepoon, from China. Users may also know this product under the name Deepoon E3-B, or E3 Basic.

The E3-B is compatible with SteamVR. The DPVR E3-C is an advanced version of the E3-B, and offers additional compatibility with DK1, DK2, and VRonline platforms. This is the main difference with the DPVR E3-B, along with its 2,5K AMOLED panel.

Overall critics from users are positive; they especially appreciate the image quality and the anti-blue light lenses. Users also highlight that the design is resistant and lightweight. The cables are quite long (16 meters) and the software is easy to use.

On the other hand, this VR headset doesn’t feature a controller, room scaling or any tracking, which limits the VR experience. There is also some ghosting when playing.

E3-B main features

  • Eye-friendly Samsung AMOLED panel (2560 x 1440 p): reduces screen door and afterglow effects.
  • Comfortable headset for the user: lightweight design (297g) reduces pressure on the user’s face. The VR headset features an adjustable strap as well as IPD adjustment. Also, users may wear the device over eyeglasses.
  • Dizziness prevention: this headset’s latency rate of 0.23 ms helps to prevent VR motion sickness.

DPVR E3-B price

This affordable desktop VR headset is available at the price of $291 (see on GearBest).

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DPVR E3-B tests and ratings
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VR Kommando
Reality Check VR


Model E3-B
Manufacturer DPVR
Price $ 225
Release date 2018
Country China
Status Available
Category PC VR


Display type AMOLED
Resolution 2560 × 1440 px
Refresh rate 70 Hz
Field of view (FOV) 110°

VR/AR Experience

Room scale
360° tracking Yes
Positional tracking
Built-in front camera
Eye tracking
Hand tracking


Usable with glasses Yes
Cooling system
Built-in headphones
Built-in microphone Yes
Flip-up visor
Voice command


Min CPU (Processor) i5-6500 or equivalent AMD FX 8350 or higher
Min GPU (Graphic Processor) Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 or equivalent AMD Radeon R9 290 or higher
Min RAM (Memory) 8 GB
OS Mac OS, Microsoft Windows


Weight 297 g
Dimensions 266 × 194 × 96 mm
Battery life
IPD adjustment Yes
Lens-to-eye adjustment


Micro USB
mini DisplayPort
Micro SD Card
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